Tired of database problems that could have been prevented? Want someone to proactively monitor your database? Need help accomplishing your database administration tasks?

If you would like a database veteran to keep an experienced eye on your database, watching for early warning signs and proactively addressing emerging issues before they become true problems, you’ve come to the right place. McNeely offers monitoring packages with varying checkup frequencies and numbers of included hours to research and resolve detected problems.

A separate emergency response package with a service level agreement can be added to most monitoring packages. You can choose between a business-hours or 24x7x365 support model, depending on your needs.

McNeely also offers remote and on-site administration services. This, especially combined with a monitoring agreement, can serve as a cost-effective alternative to recruiting, compensating, and providing continuing education to an on-staff database administrator. You can benefit financially from this arrangement whether you need support on an occasional, moderate, or intermittently heavy basis.

Examples of tasks for which current clients use remote monitoring and administration services:

  • Ensuring adequate free space inside and outside the database
  • Checking database backup and job stream logs
  • Searching trace and alert logs for evidence of database trouble and identifying and resolving underlying problems
  • Creating new database users and managing object and system privileges for existing users
  • Creating, populating, and maintaining development database environments
  • Investigating apparent database slowdowns

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