Unsure if your backup strategy is sufficient? Haven’t tested your backups recently? Don’t wait for a disaster!

Fires, floods, earthquakes, stolen computer equipment, and hardware instability/failures threaten the servers and backup media that house your database. User and administrator procedural errors, errant SQL statements, inadvertent file deletions or corruptions, and the possibility of deliberate sabotage threaten your data.

Well-designed and frequently tested backup strategies offer the greatest promise for a successful disaster recovery. Even strategies that have previously given excellent recovery results can silently change from recoverable to unrecoverable for subtle reasons. The only way to know your backups are recoverable is to test them regularly. Don’t put your mission-critical data at risk by letting a disaster be the first recent test of your backup strategy. This is important: Contact us today!

McNeely gives clients added peace of mind by performing the following tasks:

  • Evaluating their current database backup strategies, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and making valuable recommendations.
  • Implementing a sound, effective backup strategy to meet client-specified maximum data loss and downtime thresholds.
  • Conducting recovery tests with varying degrees of strictness (for example, assuming only certain datafiles have been lost; assuming the database server has been lost; assuming a site-wide disaster).

Database disaster recovery services are also available. We’ve dealt with block corruption, inadvertently dropped objects, damaged or deleted datafiles, and whole-database restorations with complete and incomplete rollforward recoveries.

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